Sunday connect team

An important ministry and an easy way to get connected with Inverness Vineyard Church is to volunteer on our Sunday Connect Team: Greeters / Ushers / Offering Counters / Attendance Counters. 

When you first came to IVC, you most likely met up with a greeter at our door. We pride ourselves on making IVC the "most welcome place away from home". An usher would have given you a bulletin, and later would have passed the offering basket. A friendly smile and a heart of hospitality are all that are required!

Our offering counters do just that -- count the morning's offerings to ensure we have a checks and balances in place (Excel experience is preferred). Attendance counters give us vital information on the total number of worshipers present; adults, youth & children.

All these services are important to the growth of our church, and we rely on our members to fulfill both their calling to God, as well as their obligation as part of the church body of Inverness Vineyard Church.     

Get Connected -- Join the Sunday connect Team!

For more information, contact Jason Richardson