Missions at Inverness Vineyard may look a little different than you are used to. Instead of just picking out a place we think we'd like to "help," we prayerfully enter into long-term partnerships. Missions at IVC is local churches partnering with local churches (in another culture). We "go" in order to encourage Vineyard leaders and church planters who are already doing the work of the ministry and sharing the gospel of Jesus in their own culture and language. We recognize that God is already at work in every region, teaching people about Himself, so we desire to bolster the people on the ground doing His Kingdom work day by day. We let them know they are important and appreciated, that they are valued. We visit over a cup of tea in India or coffee in Kenya; we listen to their joys and struggles. We pray with them. And we learn from them and their culture life-giving ways of doing things and valuing things that we can bring back to our lives here in the U.S. On occasion, IVC teams join with other local Vineyard churches in collaborative teams to help serve in conference settings in other nations, such as caring for children, cleaning, intercession, teaching, or being on a ministry prayer team.

Home Team:

There's lots of ways to get involved in missions without a passport. Check out some options or email Kim with your idea and see if it fits!

Prayer Team:

The number one need in missions is prayer! We need God's strategies, provision, passion and favor. Join us as we learn to pray in the redemptive plan of God for the nation He illuminates to you in 2017. Check out the daily topics and pray in unity with the team. 

Go Teams: Here are our Partnership Nations:



This year we are focusing on "Prayer" and "Building a Kingdom Family" in Dehradun (north) India.
And Israel Basics
in Bangalore (central)

Next Trips:
Sept 2-13, 2017
$1500 (North)

Sept 16-25, 2017
$1500 (Central)

A Look Ahead 

to a tentative 2018 schedule:
Kerala-Spring 2018
Dehradun-Fall 2018 (Marriage Mentoring with Woods)


Teams to Nica are lead by David and Christina Crim. This summer trip we will be visiting many of the 10 Vineyards around Nica for encouragement and checking on the progress of One Child Matters.
Next Trip:
July 19-29, 2017





Re-establishing our friendships in the Kenya partnership is our goal for 2018. We are looking for a team of 4-5 adventurers to join a collaborative trip with Huntsville Vineyard next year. 

Next Trip:
March or April 2018


Israel visits look a little different than our other partner-ships. There is a limit of 16 people on each Israel team. Click here to check out a recent Israel Itinerary.
Next Advanced Trip: 
May 14-30, 2017
in conjunction with JNF.
$4900-- FULL
Download the PRAYER GUIDE
Next Intro/Scouting Trip:
Oct 23- Nov 3, 2017



Click here to be redirected to a secure PushPay site where you can pay on your trip or someone can donate to your trip for you. Be sure to pick "missions" from the drop down list and mention the country and name of person you'd like to sponsor.

What to Expect

Ever wonder what it is like to train and go on a mission trip? You can see what it takes to be a missionary and down-load an application here.
If you prefer a narrative , Kim's Story, India 2015 gives lots of details.

Vineyard Missions USA

The team at VM USA works tirelessly to bring connections and resources for mission-aries, trainers, pastors & senders. If IVC doesn't partner with the country on your heart, it is likely that another local church in the U.S. does. Here is where you can check it out while you do your training here at IVC.

Home TeamPrayer Team:

Missionary Stories

from abroad Previews

“WHO AM I?”  

by Dean Martin India April 2016

Familiarity fled the moment we stepped outside the airport doors. While we were met by the friendly smile of Emmanuel, the sounds, sights, and smells that bomb-arded our senses forcefully impressed on us that we were no longer in Birmingham... Read the whole account here.

by Lyanna Saito 3-10-16

Before going to India, I’d seen photos of the kids, the streets, and the poverty, so I thought I was mentally prepared....  And yet...
click here to continue reading Lyanna's story.

Dehradun, India 2015

by Kim Frolander

We arrived in Delhi at 1:30 AM and were greeted by a blast of hot-fired air...yes, muggy and hot in the middle of the night.