Games we love playing

We love playing games at Counter Culture on Wednesday nights. Here are few of our favorite. 

Game list, both minute to win it, or competition style:

·      Thirsty Elephant-First person to knock over 10 water bottles with a tennis ball in a panty hose leg attached to the players head.

·      Marshmallow man- have 2 teams throw giant marshmellows to a player, who has to catch 5 and eat them before the other team does. 20 ft. should be far enough.

·      Shake your tailfeather- First person to shake all the ping-pong balls out of their tissue box tied to a persons rump. 15 balls work well, placed in a long tissue box with a small rope running threw the bottom of the box.

·      Mad Dog- First Person to shake all the tic tacs out of the 2 bottles that are taped to a ruler placed in the mouth of the participant

·      Stack the Cup- first person to stack all 40 cups from beginning to end. Two stacks are needed for competition.

·      Oreo to the mouth- First person to catch an Oreo in their mouth.

·      Chopstick stack-First person to stack 3 Chap Stick bottles with chop sticks on a table.

·      This Blows-Keep 2 balloons in the air longer than someone else.

·      Head Bangers ball- Person with most steps on a Pedometer attached to a players forehead with a girls hair band or large rubberband.

·      Hankie Pankey- first person to remove all tissues out of a box with one hand.

·      Take a Hike-First person to ring 5 toilet rolls through a hula-hoop at 25ft away.

·      Mummy Dearest- First team to wrap a whole roll of toilet paper around a player who is standing still.

 Large group games:

Selfie Game: Ask everyone in the room to text a picture to you of the following items. (Note: you will have to give away your phone number for this one. You might use instagram or Facebook instead). Project the first picture you receive that qualifies to the big screen so everyone can see it!

·      Pic with someone who looks like you (hair, face shape, eyes,) 
·      Pic of you while you are in the air
·      Pic with someone re-enacting a movie scene with you that we can guess (if we can’t guess it in 10 seconds, you lose)
·      Pic of you and someone mock Karate Fighting (don’t actually hurt anyone okay).
·      Pic of you and 2 others posing like the 3 monkeys who “Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil”
·      Pic of you and as many as it takes to spell UNTAMED with your hands (every letter must be legible in the picture or you lose)
·      Pic of your favorite youth volunteer or pastor doing the dab.
·      Pic with someone sitting on your back while you do a pushup.
·      Pic with someone doing cross-eyes while you do the face of disgust from the character on the movie “Inside Out”.
·      Pic of you doing thumbs up while holding your bible.
Star Wars
Everyone will lock their right hands together and stick out their pointer finger. The object is to touch the other person with your pointer finger; it is your light saber

Grab the finger


Get everyone to stand in a circle, with their arms out either side.  Tell people to put their left palm up, and right finger pointing down (touching the person next to their outstretched palm). 
When you say the word "GO", people need to do two things:
      Grab the person's finger in your left hand
      Prevent your right finger from being grabbed
If your finger is grabbed, you are out, and you sit on the sidelines.  The game continues until there is a winner.  
The key to this game is adding a bit of drama and suspense around when you say "Go". eg count down, add a big delay, etc.  You can do it a few times before it gets old :)

Human Knot


Everyone stands in a close circle - puts both hands out - and randomly grabs hold of someone else's hand, creating a massive knot! 
Without letting go of hands, the group should try to untangle itself...

Sit down if...


Get everyone to stand up, then read through the following list.  The last person standing is the winner!
      Sit down if you have eaten chocolate today
      Sit down if you are wearing purple
      Sit down if you were born in September
      Sit down if you have blue eyes
      Sit down if you are the youngest child
      you have broken a bone
      gone for two weeks without a shower
      can speak more  two languages
    You have more than 3 siblings
    You have any pets      You are smarter than me
    You have ever met someone in the movies      You like country music
Two Extremes
game of two extremes!  This is a simple icebreaker to get people up and moving and sharing their preferences or views on topics. 
Create an imaginary line from one end of the room to the other.  Instruct people to move to a point in the room where they stand on a particular issue. For example - move to the left hand side of the room if you like chocolate, the right hand side if you like strawberry.

Continue with other examples / extremes:
      Fold toilet paper or Scrunch
      Sleep in or Get up Early?
      Big dinner party or eat alone
      Country or Rock ,  alternative or Pop
      Would you rather go to the football or a concert
      Xbox- PS3
      Sweet or spicy
      Winter or summer
      Math or English

Mingle Mingle Mingle
Get the whole group together. The leader running the game calls out a category question (for example - what is your favorite color?). Everyone in the group would then have to start calling out their favorite color to each other and find the others in the group who have the same favorite color as them.
When a player finds another player who has the same answer as them they then join together (by linking arms) and continue to go round the group looking for more people with the same answer. After a minute or so (completely up to the leader running the game) the leader can call "STOP". Each group needs to call out their answer. If there are two people/groups who have the same answer but are not linked together then they are eliminated from the next round. Or alternatively, to keep everyone involved, you can give each kid five wrapped lollies or popsticks to start with and if they lose one each time this happens.
Be creative with the questions you ask:
- Favorite pizza topping
- Favorite ice cream flavor
- Favorite TV show
- Favorite band
- Favorite book of the Bible