DivorceCare for Kids

Classes Begin in January, Dates tba


We meet from 1:30-3:30 in the Education Building upstairs. Registration is $20. Scholarships are available.

DC4K is a special group (Ages 5-12) to help your children heal from the pain caused by a separation or divorce. DC4K provides your children with a safe and neutral place to recognize and learn to share their feelings.

For 13 weeks your children become involved in a fun, caring group with weekly session topics helping children learn how to deal with the devastation of divorce and helps turn their sadness to hope and their anger to joy.

Each session is filled with motivating and exciting activities. Games, crafts, role playing, discussion times, journaling, and Activity Books help your children process the divorce and move forward in their lives. Music CDs, snacks, read aloud stories, and exercises, teach your children to relax. The Kids Like Me and Stories from the video dramas present stories of children just like your children, who are experiencing divorce-related problems and have found help and encouragement.